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NEW – Flash Event: Saturday April 21

Join us for a 60’s dinner at Mel’s drive-in in Livermore

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Flier: 2018 Mel’s Diner


April 29 – Classic California Coast Cruise

SeVen day San
Francisco round trip CRUISE on the Grand Princess

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So, as most of you know, I have been very involved in moving, repairing and renting out
my house after 25 years and 25 years of collected “junk”. OMG. You have no idea how
much junk you collect over the years…and I’m not a “hoarder”. Then there are all the
repairs to a house that you thought was in pretty good shape. Again, OMG. 6 weeks of
non-stop 14 hour days and hard physical labor. The good news? My house is rented
and I’ve lost 15 pounds. The bad news? Not much club work or activity…Sorry.
On the club front, we are still discussing the Birds on the Wharf situation with the other
area clubs and determining the viability of continuing this iconic event. I’ll have more to
report at this month’s meeting.
Of course, we have Route 66 in October that we have worked so hard on. Lots of fun
and lots of memories to be made and had. If you are going, it is imperative that you
make your room reservations right away…particularly in Amarillo and Santa Fe. If you
have questions call Jean, Maria or Mary. And while you are at it, check this month’s
activity calendar and get your name on the list for ALL of the upcoming events. Again,
lots of fun and memories to be had.
On a somber note, we lost a treasured – albeit unofficial – member of our club this month
with the loss of Larry Booth following a stroke. Larry and Janet joined us on many
outings over the years – mostly in their beautiful 1956 Continental and while they were
not official members of the club, their energy and fun will be greatly missed.
It goes without saying, please join us this month for our regular meeting on the 14th and
let your thoughts be known. The more input, the more fun and the more variety.
On that note, have a great weekend and a great week. AND, get that car out and enjoy
the Spring weather.
Happy T-Birding


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