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Once again, I am playing catch up to get everything together for the month ahead. This month that includes our upcoming meeting on Saturday the 11th, plans for our trip to Ironstone on 9/24, plans for our October outing to Occidental on 10/16, plans for a bowling outing in Nov, and our plans for this year’s Holiday party at the Benicia Yacht Club on 12/12. After all, we are back up and running…like an old classic that has been lovingly stored away.
So, with that said, be sure to join us on Saturday the 11th for our renewed regular meeting at the Buttercup for breakfast, fun, frivolity, and a little business. We’ve met many new friends and members in the last year and here’s your chance to meet and greet and share your knowledge. Don’t forget a raffle prize and feel free to cash in your drawer full of BATOC Bucks for your breakfast. Remember, our price has gone up and is now $25.00 for breakfast. Well worth it though, for all the entertainment.
One of things I promised to bring up is CTCI membership and the fact that we now have more NON members of CTCI than we have members…and that’s a shame and disgrace. As the original Thunderbird club in the whole wide world, we should be setting the standard and we should be shooting for 100% membership in the national club that was spawned in our own club. Not to mention all of the benefits of that membership. The Early Bird magazine, the club umbrella insurance, the information and education, technical assistance and fun stories and articles. How can you go wrong? We’ll have membership applications at the meeting. Let’s make that happen.
On a different note, I am happy to report that Ed Benson is well and feeling like a kid again (only a slight exaggeration) and is looking forward to seeing everyone at this month’s meeting. On that same note, it was nice to see DJ again after a long absence and nice to see Jack Mathieson up and around with a new knee. Happy for all.
September brings us to Ironstone Winery in Murphy’s for our annual 3-day weekend in Gold Country for the Ironstone Concours…the best show short of Pebble Beach. If you haven’t been, check it out and join us for a fun weekend adventure.
October will bring us to Occidental for a lovely day trip and private family style Italian dinner at the iconic Negri’s Restaurant thanks to yours truly. I am finalizing the details, menus, and caravan route now, but put in on your schedule for Sunday, October 17th. It will be a day trip through the back roads of Sonoma County leaving around 9:00 in the morning and should be a fabulous drive. October is, after all, one of the best month’s around here. Don’t miss it.
In November, after the monthly meeting on Nov 13, The Guthrie’s are planning our Bowling Adventure at Granada Bowl in Livermore. The bowling will be followed by dinner at a nearby restaurant and dessert at the Guthrie’s. Mark your calendars.
Then it is on to the Benicia Yacht Club for our Holiday party courtesy of Janet Booth on December 12. A great time is always had, and it caps off yet another great BATOC year.
So, as they say, there ya have it…all the news that’s fit to print. Be sure to read all the fabulous information in this month’s newsletter because there is lots to read and learn…and Jean does such a fabulous job month after month. Read the articles, the tech tips from Paul, the member profiles and all the flyers for upcoming events…and we’ll see everyone soon.
Happy T-Birding


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