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Well, as usual, Jean has been waiting for me to wrap up the final items and plans for the month so I can get her my President’s message…and this month is no exception. And that’s because May IS beginning to bloom with activities and possibilities.
We actually thought we might be able to begin meeting again at the Buttercup, since last weekend we witnessed the Porsche club gathering there for their meeting….but that turned out to be a false alarm because it was actually just a handful of them gathering for a casual breakfast. But I spoke with Carlos at the Buttercup and they still cannot have private meetings until the county opens up to 100% – which he thinks might be June 15. So, it sounds like we might be able to plan our JULY meeting at the Buttercup. Stay tuned for that announcement.
For those who missed it, we did have a very successful event at the Sonoma Raceway on April 24th with 17 cars caravanning to the SVRA Vintage racing event and car show on Saturday and Sunday. The highlight of the weekend was our “Parade Laps” around the track in our cars with photographers everywhere and over 100 cars cruising the course. A great weekend with lots of cars, racing, vintage race cars and full access to the race cars, pits and paddocks.
And if you missed that event, you don’t want to miss our next event at the California Auto Museum in Sacramento on May 15th. Over 100 Thunderbirds of all vintages from all over the West Coast, including several Rare “F” Birds and “E” Birds along with a huge flock of regular birds from Baby birds all the way through Big birds and Retro birds. Kind of like Birds on the Wharf, but in Sacramento. We will leave the Buttercup at 7:00 AM to caravan to Sacramento and the Museum. There is a flyer enclosed and please RVSP to me ASAP if you want to add you name to the list. This is all the area – and out of the area – clubs combined into one great event. Watch your email for final event and caravanning details later this week.
And finally, our regular day for our Zoom meeting is next Sunday that, of course, is Mother’s Day. And, while many of you will have plans with the kids, we will go ahead and have our regular Zoom meeting for anyone who wishes to join in. So, grab your afternoon cocktail, click on the link and let’s hang out for a while.
And Finally, Finally. We are so happy to know that Maria is on the mend and doing amazingly well. She is up and about, walking to the end on her street and being her normal peppy, energetic self….and you can’t believe how happy Jim is. He is like a little kid with his favorite toy…. He is so in love with her.
I’m sure I am forgetting something, and I am sure that someone will point that out to me in the days to come, but as I sit here looking out the window at the amazing ocean view from the fabulous Timber Cove Lodge on the Sonoma Coast, this is all I’ve got.
Have a great week, I look forward to seeing everyone in the next couple of weeks and I encourage everyone to join us in Sacramento on the 15th.
Happy Mother’s Day to all.


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