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Rain, Rain, Go Away……Not!

There is actually someone on Next Door in our neighborhood pleading for the rain to go away because “…the drought is obviously over.” And it didn’t appear to be tongue in cheek, either. Really? The scary part….these people can vote. OMG. Anyway, we all got lots of rain and are, in fact, happy about that. I hope you all survived with no significant issues. Our creek overflowed its banks but fortunately the rain began to slow down before doing anything serious.
Following up on last month’s “Fire-Bird” incident on the freeway returning from Ironstone. The car was a Santa Clara club member and is now at Bill Mann’s shop in Burlingame and is ultimately headed for the junkyard in the sky. The shop said the owner had a blowout on the freeway and that by the time he was able to pull over, the shredded tire ripped into the fuel lines and sprayed gasoline over the sparking rim on the pavement and ignited the fire. The car is “toast”….sorry, I couldn’t resist.
Returning to our own world. We had a great, albeit wet, outing to Occidental this month as we made our way through the coastal highways to the Union Hotel for a fabulous late lunch. The hotel did a great job and even reserved parking for us all out front. Unfortunately, the biker group who came through town a little ahead of us thought it was for them and took over our reserved parking….and I certainly wasn’t going to argue with them. We had 33 people RSVP for the event, but it had dropped to 27 that morning. We had a fun “Situational Awareness Challenge” that Tom & Lita aced”…and we got great pictures for this year’s calendar in front of the Bodega school house from Hitchcock’s movie, The Birds. Unfortunately, the rain moved in as we were headed home and those of us driving little birds were able to shampoo our carpets…if you know what I mean…LOL
Coming up this month…Don’t miss the “Bowling for Laughs” event following this month’s regular meeting on 11/13. There is a flyer inside and be sure to RSVP to Maria IMMEDIATELY if you wish to attend. The event is pretty full now, but there is always room.
Then it is on to our Holiday party on December 11th. Originally planned for Sunday the 12th, it has been moved to Saturday the 11th for cost reasons. Sunday required overtime pay that pushed the price to $70.00 per person….ridiculous. So, Saturday it is with a ticket price of $45.00 per person, with the club treasury subsidizing the rest. There is a flyer enclosed and please RSVP right away. We need 60 people and need to provide numbers as soon as possible. Cocktail hour at 5:00 with dinner and festivities beginning at 6:00 PM. Bring your car oriented “Elephant” gift for the fun exchange and bring an unwrapped gift for Toys for Tots.
On a business front, be sure to go to the BATOC web site and order your calendars for this year. We’ve got some really great Thunderbird pictures from around the world, and it will look great on your wall. While you’re there, check out all the great work being done on the site and the constantly updated historical section of the site. BATOC’s 63-year history in pictures.
See you all at an event, meeting or bar sometime soon….LOL. Please RSVP right away to the various events and have a great Thanksgiving holiday if we don’t see you.
Happy T-Birding


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