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OK,,,so there is absolutely no doubt that the Space Time Continuum was altered by Michael J. Fox and Back to the Future. The days are shorter, time moves MUCH faster, and I have no idea what day it is. Hence, being late again with my President’s message. So, there’s my excuse and now let’s get on with business.
What a great time was had at this year’s Anniversary picnic…And what a great job Mary (and Guy) did putting together all the details. Albeit a little hot and not very conducive to lawn games – and nobody jumped at the naked swim idea – it was fabulous to see such a large group of friends (50+) getting together for the first time in the new Time Continuum. Emil Villa’s did a great job of the catering, Mark, Susan and Marianne organized a great BATOC trivia contest and Lisa (and Chris) brought a fabulous multi-flavored Anniversary cake. How much more could you want? Thank You to everyone for coming, helping, sharing, laughing and enjoying.
And now we move on. Starting next Saturday, July 10th will be our first official meeting at the Buttercup since that Continuum thing. We have lots to talk about and lots of things to plan. Trips, outings, drives, overnighters, etc. So come join the fun and put in your votes for the fun to come. We are trolling for outing ideas and the people who would like to put on an outing. If there is someplace that you’ve been meaning to “check out”, make a couple of phone calls, bring your idea and invite the rest of the club to join you. It’s really quite simple. In the meantime, check out the enclosed Activities schedule since there are a couple of upcoming car shows and events that you might still be able to join in on.
On a couple of business notes. For those who may have missed it in Early Bird (or aren’t CTCI members) be sure to check out this years’ Thunderbird convention in….wait for it….CybirdSpace. Since the in-person conventions were put on hold and may not return anytime soon, check out the virtual convention web site at www.cybirdspace.com. Also, be sure to check out our own web site that Mark and Guy have updated recently with lots of new pictures and information www.BATOC.org. And,, a great big thank you and “job well done” to Jean for the newly published BATOC roster…yet another reason for you to come to this month’s meeting.
On a sad note, we send our best to Ellen Gonsalves on the passing of her beloved husband, Jim who passed away in May after a 7-year battle with cancer. We haven’t seen Ellen and Jim for some time, for obvious reasons, but we will certainly miss Jim and their beautiful Black ’55. Ellen, you are in our hearts.
I’m sure there is something I am forgetting…but I’m sure that whatever it is, is somewhere inside this newsletter….so read on and enjoy. Happy 4th of July and enjoy the month. 


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