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So, now that BATOC has reached “herd Immunity” we can start to get out and enjoy the world and plan a few events….or so they say. I don’t think we are quite ready to jump on a cruise ship yet, but getting out in our cars and enjoying our friends is certainly on our radar.
And to that end, we have two great events planned for April and May that everyone should partake in. April 24th for the Sonoma Raceway Vintage Races and day on the track, AND May 15th at the California Auto Museum in Sacramento with over 100 TBirds from all over the West Coast. You’ve all received the emails and flyers about these events, but if your were under a rock at that moment and need further information don’t hesitate to give me a call.
Obviously, the Sonoma event is coming up shortly and if you have not registered you need to do that TODAY. We need you registered and confirmed NO LATER than April 15th. Here is a link to do so and please RSVP to me as soon as you have registered.
The flyers for both events are included in this months newsletter. We will, of course, caravan to both of these events and will leave Buttercup by around 7:00 AM. Caravanning details to follow.
On a more exciting front. How about the latest issue of Early Bird? It is BATOC central. This issue alone was worth your membership dues….and if you are not a CTCI member you’re missing it. Jim and Maria’s car (Bella) on the cover and a fabulous article about them and the car inside. A second great article about Tony and Kathy Lloyd – which, of course, was total Bull Shit. And, if you’ve read the article you know what that means….LOL. And then, CTCI generously ran our calendar ad again and we even got more orders.
For added fun. Don’t miss this month’s BATOC Cocktail hour (aka Zoom meeting) on Sunday, April 11th. Get your cocktail in hand and click the link below to join in. It is always fun and great to connect with everyone. You can see Bob and Kim sitting on their new lakeside deck, watch Dave fix his toaster oven or hear about Paul’s latest car repair adventure. Those are just a few of the things you’ve missed in recent months. Here’s the link for this month’s meeting.
On a car front. I know of 2 different 1955’s for sale if you are interested. One is a very nice driver that’s ready to go and one is a total project car if you need something to do. If you are interested, give me a call and I will connect you to the owners.
So Spring has arrived and it is becoming safer to get out and about and we look forward to seeing everyone very soon. Also, I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for hanging in over this last year and for not drifting away from the club during this challenging year. Thank you for putting out the extra effort to keep BATOC together, active and vital. We – and everyone in this club – are the best.
Happy T-Birding and see you all soon.


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