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Sunday February 4 2:00 PM – Super Bowl Party

Join the Guthrie’s for another super (bowl) party

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Well, once again we’ve made it to the end of yet another fabulous year…(he says in jest). We’ve had a lot
of fun, seen a lot of new places, met many new people and friends, experienced some adventures and
disasters and made it through many challenges and changes…and I’m just talking about me. How was
your year? LOL
In all seriousness though, it has been a good year for the club with many new members and a renewed
enthusiasm that runs trough the whole club. This has manifested itself in many of you stepping up to the
plate and taking on new roles, new board members, new committees and an exciting trip in the works
across Route 66. How fun is all of this? Good Job To Everyone.
And on that topic. I extend my VERY sincere thanks to our new officers for this year. This, of course,
starts with what you are reading right now and Jean Riley jumping in as Newsletter Editor. That is not
only a big job, but probably the most important role in the club because it keeps us all connected and
pointed in the same direction. Here’s to Jean in her third – count them – THIRD position in this club.
Editor, Historian and CTCI Rep. Amazing.
And then there is Guy Cummins stepping up to V.P. – another amazingly important role. Officially
promoting the club, recruiting new members, handling name badges, grille plaques, membership packets
and club communications – all while providing comedic levity to the entire club. Here’s to Guy’s second –
count them – second important role…..V.P., Web Master and, of course, support for his wife Mary as
Activities Chair. Thanks to all off you.
On a more specific note. Here’s to great Christmas party put on by Jack & Diana Starr. After all, who can
complain about an open bar? No one in this club would ever even think of it. Good food, well organized,
our usual holiday gift exchange and a very nice collection of Toys For Tots. Great job Jack & Diana.
Of course, January brings all the new beginnings and resolutions, etc. It also brings the Presidents’
Mystery Tour, which has been an even bigger mystery than in previous years. However, it has fallen
together and will be a fun day. There is a cryptic flyer enclosed here and a brief explanation for those of
you that need at least a little information. The long story short – January 14th, on the Peninsula, to the
moon and mountains for fascination, food, fun and driving. What more do you need to know?
Also, remember that January 13th is our regular meeting and there’ll be a lot of things to discuss. We are
honing in on our Route 66 trip and we will be getting serious about finalizing those plans, making hotel
reservations and setting the amusement agenda. Come join us and make this your trip, as well. It’s
going to be great.
I’m sure there are things I’ve forgotten to mention here, but I will leave you now in the very capable hands
of your new Editor, Jean and I will see you all next week.
Happy T-Birding


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