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I can’t begin to say enough about the dedication of this fabulous club. After months of lockdowns and uncertainty the relaunch of our monthly meetings last month at the Blackhawk Museum was a huge success. I believe there were 23 cars, 40+ people, a guest speaker, Bloody Mary’s for all and a fabulous display of our cars on a beautiful fall day. What more can I say except, Thank You to everyone for making it such a great day. Thanks to the Blackhawk Museum. Thanks to Brad Hock. Thanks to Keith from Hagerty Insurance. And Thanks to my beautiful Susan for always being by my side.
Unfortunately, the best laid plans have again been waylaid by Covid. Our second regular meeting was to be held at Specialty Auto Sales in their Fairfield show room…complete with BBQ, Bloody Mary’s and lots of beautiful cars. But alas, upon confirming those plans this morning, I was told that the resurgence of Covid in Solano County has required them to postpone our plan for another time. So….we are moving on to Plan B and will be making other arrangements for our planned meeting on 11/14. Watch your email closely and we will inform you of the new plan shortly. Of course, this assumes that there isn’t another total lockdown like they are hinting at. Stay Tuned.
On the club business front, this is calendar month…as in our much anticipated BATOC Thunderbird calendar. This, of course, is our first “International” edition with picture submissions from CTCI members all around the world. And what a calendar it will be. As it goes to press this week, I must say it is destined to be our best to date. Beautiful cars in beautiful settings from great clubs from around the U.S. and all the way to Australia. You certainly don’t want to miss this calendar. Go to www.batoc.org to order yours. And please order early so we know how many to print.
On another front. If you haven’t gotten to it yet, as we mentioned at last month’s meeting Mark & Susan Goldenberg and Marianne Grech have taken on the roles of club Historians and Webmasters and you really need to take a look at their work on the BATOC web site. They have archived, organized and posted virtually the entire history of the club in pictures and newsletters dating back to the very beginning. It is truly a walk through time and the days of much more hair and much smaller waistlines. See how many people you can recognize from decades ago. It is quite entertaining. Great job Mark, Susan and Marianne.
So again. Be sure to watch your email for our “Plan B” for this month’s regular meeting. We will do our best to organize a safe get together and let you know the moment we have that secured…assuming there isn’t another lockdown and assuming we survive the rioting in the streets following Tuesday’s election…LOL.
Love you all…See you soon.


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