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That’s only partially true, but I needed a headline.
So, while February was, of course, a short month it did turn out to be a positive month as more and more people have been able to get their vaccinations (including us) and businesses are beginning to see the light with fewer restrictions. February also brought us yet another fabulous Flash Drive on Valentine’s Day through the back roads of Moraga, the quaint enclave of Canyon, the Oakland Hills and ending at the Lafayette Reservoir for a nice picnic on the grass. I think we had 23 people and 14 cars. Great to see everyone.
And while we are on this subject…we have organized a joint outing with the other No. Cal. TBird clubs to the California Auto Museum in Sacramento on Saturday, May 15. Enclosed is a flyer for the event and more details will follow but be sure to put it on your calendar. In short, it is sort of a “Birds on the Wharf” style event without the judging and prizes. We will gather in Walnut Creek for a beautiful caravan drive through the delta back roads on the way to the Museum and meeting up with the other clubs including Sacramento, Monterey, Santa Clara, etc. There will probably 30-40 cars in attendance. There will also be on-site food trucks and hopefully the Museum itself will be open by then for a tour.
We have not yet organized a Flash Drive for this month but if anyone has a suggested route for a short (1 hour or so) drive, please give me a call and let’s put it together. We all love getting out and about and connecting with all of our BATOC friends…and remember to join our monthly Zoom meeting , which will be Sunday, March 14 for the 4:00 PM cocktail hour.
And finally, be sure to check out our MASSIVELY updated web site thanks to the Goldenberg’s and Grech’s. The team has sorted, organized, identified and posted hundreds of historical pictures and club newsletters dating back to our founding in 1958, It is truly an amazing effort on their part and deserving of everyone’s praise. If you have not been to the BATOC site recently, please do. It is worth the effort. www.batoc.org.
And on that topic, feel free to check out the merchandise pages and update your BATOC wardrobe for the Spring and Summer. And keep in mind that BATOC jackets are NOT on the merchandise pages and have to be ordered the old-fashioned way through myself or Guy Cummins. Call us to get yours today.
So there ya have it. Happy March and Happy Vaccines. Here’s to a great Spring and Summer.


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