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Welcome to Fall
Fall certainly didn’t waste any time moving in. The temperatures have dropped precipitously (how do you like that word) and caught most of us off guard a bit. Ironstone was a bit chilly since none of us were really prepared. However, a great time was had by all, even though it was a fairly small group. 5 T-Birds and one Camaro. Jack & Sue took home the usual “Honorable Mention” or “Thanks for Coming” award and the Best of Class went to a trailered Coral Sand ’57 with a continental kit. WHAT????
Overall, it seemed like a small show this year with only a total of 9 birds – 5 of which were ours. Be sure to check out the BATOC website for a couple of fun videos and great pictures. And thanks go out to Jack and Sue for their usual BBQ dinner on Saturday night and for providing a condo for the Dixon’s and I to stay in. Very Generous and very fun. We owe you. Coming up this weekend, of course is Birds on the Wharf in Santa Cruz followed in October by the Alameda Classic Car Show and with the annual Migration event at the USS Hornet, also in Alameda. There are flyers for these shows in this month’s newsletter and all the shows allow registration on the day of the show…so there is no excuse for not attending one or more. Even if you are not entering your car, come for the day and enjoy the shows. On a business front, you should have received your electronic voting ballet for the new slate of CTCI Directors. You have probably also received numerous emails from the individual candidates, and I encourage you to take a few minutes and read those emails and carefully consider the issues at hand. In my 30 years in CTCI I have never seen so many serious issues being discussed. The Retro Bird issue aside, pay particular attention to the financial issues and the long-term financial position of the club. There have been many changes in CTCI in the last year and the future direction of the club is in our hands. Please vote. On a final note, contrary to what you may have heard at our last meeting THIS IS A REGULAR BATOC MEETING ON THE 12 AT THE BUTTERCUP. Don’t miss it. And with all that said, I will move along and make room for everyone else’s hard work in this newsletter and look forward to seeing everyone soon. If we don’t see you, have a great month and let’s get together soon.


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