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Busy month here. We all know that it is Valentines month…so you’d better do something. We all know it is Superbowl…so you’d better be at our annual Superbowl party. We all know we had our annual BATOC Board meeting…so you should be excited about all the new ideas, hard work and plans that we have made. This is not only a great month, but it will be a great BATOC year. With that said, we did have a great board meeting last week that netted some outstanding ideas from your very dedicated board members. You will read about some of those ideas in the pages that follow, but some of the highlights include our newest “board member”, Paul Gretch as our new Tech Director, some fabulous news ideas from our new Activity Chairs Lisa Derby & her side kick Chris Patterson, our new initiative to connect with other CTCI Clubs, changes to our breakfast meeting menu and BATOC Bucks program, and Paul’s renewed quest for Tech events and tech support by the club….How’s that for a run-on sentence? The point being, BATOC is the greatest club around and our dedicated board members are working hard on new ideas and great things for the future.
So, tooting my own horn. If you missed January’s President’s Mystery tour, you missed one of the great ones. Our mystery was a trip to the Red Door Escape rooms in Pleasant Hill and a fabulous lunch at Back Forty Texas BBQ. If you haven’t done an escape room, get out and have some fun and adventure. We all had a GREAT time and some of our “teams” proved smarter than the others…but, of course, that was not the point. The point was a great time, at a brandnew adventure, with our really great friends. On a business note, our 2020 calendar sales are mostly complete and what a great year it was. Thanks to Don Perry for the great work and a huge thanks to all of the other CTCI clubs who helped us promote the calendar around the world. We are excited about the picture submissions we are receiving from other clubs and excited about the calendar that we will produce for 2021. Get your camera out and get those great shots of your own car….because just like you, it will never look quite as good as it does right now. LOL
So, here’s to a great Superbowl today and Go Niners. I will see you all soon, and I am off to do about 10 hours of work in the next 3 hours that I have.

Happy T-Birding



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