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In an effort to sell our current apparel inventory as we move to selling BATOC apparel on-line, we are holding a sale. From now until the June meeting, all apparel will be 25% off the prices listed below.

Here is a list of our remaining stock, if you’d like me to set aside an item for you and bring it to the next meeting, call me.

Lisa Brill-Nadler


Totes – $20  less 25% – 2 left

Polo Shirts – $35  Sale $31.50

  • Red: 2S, 2M, 2 XXL
  • Black: 1S, 2M 1XL, 2XXL
  • White: 2S, 2M, 7XL

Zippered Hoodie – $45 less 25% –  Blue: – 1 large

Long Sleeve T-Shirts– $20  less 25% –  Gray: 2 XL

Short Sleeve T-Shirts – $18 less 25%

  • Gray: 1S, 3M, 3XL
  • White: 2S, 3M, 1L, 7XL

We’ve moved to the web

BATOC Club Jackets are still ordered locally through Lisa as are the inventory items shown below the online link.

Click below to browse over a hundred new BATOC logo products

Click on the link above to go into our new online store.

club jackets locally though Lisa, and we still have the items below in stock.

BATOC Club Jacket    $95.00


BATOC standard Show Your Pride eventware

  • The front is personalized for you with your name and a t-bird embroidered of the year of your car and in your car’s color
  • 100% polyester woven shell bonded to a water-resistant film insert and a 100% polyester microfleece lining




For the items below, Please  email Lisa Brill-Nadler and tell her what you want.  She will reply by email.

she will bring it to the next meeting.






BATOC Duffel Bag   $35.00 Sale – $31.50 – 1 left

Not what you need?  try here


Port Authority Duffle Bag

Carry your BATOC event paraphernalia in style








BATOC Tote Bag   $20.00  Sale – $18 – 2 left

Not what you need?  try here


The essential bag for every event from Port Authority.










BATOC Polos  $35.00  Sale – $31.50

Not what you need?  try here


  • Red: 2S, 2M, 1L, 2 XXL
  • Black: 1S, 2M 1XL, 2XXL
  • White: 2S, 2M, 7XL

A BATOC polo for every pony under the hood might not be necessary …but maybe.

Available in Black, White and Red










BATOC Long Sleeve T-Shirts   Sale! $18.00  Gray: 2 XL

Not what you need? Try Here


This is a limited edition shirt

XL still available

Gildan “Ultra Cotton”

Grey only












BATOC T-shirts   $18.00  Sale – $16.20

  • Gray: 1S, 4M, 3XL
  • White: 2S, 3M, 1L, 7XL

Not what you need? Try Here


Been there, Done that.  For sure!

So,  …where is your T-Shirt?

Right here, the “must have-est” of all BATOCware

Gildan “Ultra Cotton” (ultra comfy)

Available in grey and white (shown)







BATOC Zipper Hoodie   $45.00 Sale – $40.50 –  Blue: – 1 LG left

Not what you need? Try Here



Oh So Comfy

The BATOC Hoodie Zipper Sweatshirt will be your go-to for Bay Area activities.

Chilly morning, Easy on.

Sunny afternoon, easy off.

From PORT and Company’s ultimate collection

50% cotton / 50% polyester

100% great








BATOC Sweatshirt $35.00

SOLD OUT HERE BUT go the the online store sweatshirt page





BATOC Caps   $20.00 Sale – $18 –1 white, 1 black left

Not what you need?  try here


Stay Top-Down T-Bird Cool in the California sun with black or white all cotton baseball caps sporting the “original T-bird club”‘s logo.

“The Classics” from Yupoong

100% Cotton