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BATOC’s Oct 2018 rt66 Map and Schedule

We are back from our adventure

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10-14&15-18 Back in California

  • We head to Barstow and on to the end of the Mother Road, San Bernadino!

10-12&13-18 Across Arizona

  • From Winslow, we visited the Meteor Crater,  Holy Desert Batman! (sorry)
  • On to Flagstaff for lunch and cool little Willians Az neon wonderland for dinner and the night.
  • Off to Kingman and their famous route 66 museum in the morning

10-10&11-18 beautiful new Mexico

  • After watching the amazing ABQ Balloon Festival over breakfast we head toward Gallup for the night then on to Winslow through the desert and some of the most beautiful natural wonders in the country.
  • I don’t have the words, I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Look at the skies!
  • Oh, and we indulged ourselves in Grant NM’s show off your car photo op.
  • The drive was simply breathtaking

10-9-18 Our day in Albuquerque – and what a day it was.

  • We meet the Pajarito club again at the Nuclear Science and History Museum.
  • We meet more of the Pajarito (more like large flock) club, and what a reception they had for us.  Pajarito folks, thank you!   Check out the pictures from the el pinto restaurant. I heard the place seats a thousand and it flawlessly executed an amaining experience, with separate checks.
  • The next morning – The famous ABQ Balloon Festival






10-8-18 Next day in Santa Fe, first dinner with the Pajarito Thunderbird Club of New Mexico

  • The Pajarito club takes us to dinner.
  • The ladies all get route 66 earrings to stay in the mood.
  • We meet Jose Archuleta, a former founding BATOC (you read that right) member who still has his CTCI 37 license plate.
  • Oh, and some of us may have enjoyed a teensy too many of those famous Santa Fe margaritas.



10-7-18 We leave “sunny” Amarillo for New Mexico.  Santa Fe Or Bust

  • We left the Big Texan on time at 8 am.  All of us well fed and ready to roll.  We stopped for breakfast at “The MidPoint Cafe” and enjoyed the ambiance.





  • Despite a SNAFU or two, including more rain and a small mechanical issue on Jack and Sues car adeptly handled by Paul and the team, we passed the New Mexico line about 3 PM and made Santa Fe about 4:30.

We made the hotel, settled a bit and had dinner at the Cowgirl Cafe with Sam C De Baca, president of the Pajarito Club of New Mexico and detailed his plan for the two clubs over the next two day.  Stay tuned for that. Great fun.  Roger and Sadie and Janet and Sam intersected and joined from their long route through Colorado More pictures



  • 10/6 How wet we’ll be. -or- who told us this was desert?!

    • here is the view from our car, following Jack and Sue’s car this afternoon driving down old route 66 in Amarillo Tx

We made a new friend today.  Ron Whetzel, VP of High plains Thunderbird saw our cars roaming around and was nice enough to stop and chat.  We need to keep in touch,.  They are active and have some great ideas. Understandably, the club members didn’t want to cruise with us in the rain, but we got some interesting event ideas.  See if this picture gives it away:

Check them out on facebook.

but we did have periods of dryishness


  • 10/5 The epic journey begins in earnest

    • the cars arrive
    • Loltar wishes us well



    • The team arrives in the longhorn Lincon (hummm, then to the bar  as usual)
    • We take sustenance
    • we fool around
  • 10/1 TOO LATE TO TURN BACK NOW. – The cars are on the way!

  • The birds (and grandson Mustang)roll onto the trailer –


September we are readying our cars and equipment and packing for the trip of a lifetime.

  • 9/30 – The truck will be at Livermore Walmart between 10 and 11 am tomorrow, Oct. 1. Coming into Livermore, take Livermore Ave. off 580 and turn right. Get in the left lane so you can turn left at Las Positas (2nd signal I believe). Take the second signal left once you are on Las Positas. That is where we will be meeting the truck. Bud is going to call you to make sure you have the word. Jean
  • comments – Vi and I will plan on being at the parking lot around ten in the morning. Thanks for the help on getting off of the freeway and onto Las Posits road. See you in the morning
  • We received the message and we will be there at 10am!
    Thank you!!9/29 – Hi – The day the truck will arrive for pickup is Monday, Oct. 1.   He will be texting us the time, so as soon as we know that we will send it on out.  Pickup location is Livermore Walmart on Las Positas Blvd off Livermore Ave exit.  The Walmart and Kohls sit next to each other and we will be on the far side of the parking lot close to the Kohl’s store.  Getting closer.  Bud
  • comment – WHOO HOO!
  • 9/25 – I would like to tell my family about the blog. I don’t know how they work,


    what do I tell them so they can see the postings.

    Sue Mathieson

  • comment – Easy-peasy, it’s just a web address on our site.  Send them to  or just tell them to go to the Bay Area Thunderbird club website.  (It’ second on the left menu). 
  • 9/25 -Dave does it again.  I jumped the ballast resistor on my Petronicsequippedd bid and oh what a differance! – Guy
  • 9/25 – The Riley’s are gearing up for the trip by starting the packing process.  We found out what will and won’t fit in our tiny trunk, once we got back into the trunk.  Our 2004 car had been sitting for a while and the battery died.  The only trunk opener we saw was on the key fob, but it wouldn’t work without the battery.   Plus, the battery is in the trunk!  Well, a few google questions revealed that there is a hidden key slot behind the seat that will open the trunk.  Glad we figured that out before we got on the road!  We are thinking of removing the hardtop and going with the convertible top.  Hope that goes smoothly.
  • comment – Hey, it’s a team effort. Do you want some help? Do you have a hoist?

  • 9/21 – We now have the window of Sept. 28-Oct 2 for the car shipping.  Getting close!
  • 9/15 Dave tunes-up Guy’s 56 and explains the various parts to Guy.  i.e. “This is called the engine.  It makes the car go vroom!” said Dave.  “What’s the pretty shiny thing on top? asked Guy … and so the day went.